Product Review: Aardvark Habañero Hot Sauce

I'm The Spicy Vegan. I love spice in everything I eat and drink, including hot chocolate and cocktails. I live for fresh hot peppers but hot sauces have a place in my life as well. Being The Spicy Vegan you would think I would love any and all hot sauces. Au contraire, mon frère! I am actually quite particular about the hot sauces worthy of touching my food. If I ask for hot sauce and somebody hands me Tabasco, I break it over their head. How insulting! Unfortunately, there are more mediocre commercial hot sauces than excellent ones on the market. The search for the perfect hot sauce has been going on for years and I finally, FINALLY, found it in Portland, Oregon. Secret Aardvark Trading Company, you rock my Sock Dreams socks off. 

This magical concoction makes every dish infinitely better. Potatoes? Check. Scrambles? Check. Sandwich? Check. Chili? Check. Bloody Mary? Check. Directly in my mouth? Check. 
I seriously only frequent breakfast places that offer Aardvark otherwise I will likely be thoroughly disappointed with my meal. I've been known to keep Aardvark stashed around town, like at friends' places, my car, my job, my fridge and anywhere else I think I might be. I even took it on vacation with me, which was a bad idea as it exploded in my suitcase. So what's in it?
Here's a list of the ingredients: White wine vinegar, roasted tomatoes, habañero peppers, onion, carrot, sugar (beet), prepared mustard, water, kosher salt, cornstarch, herbs and spices.

It sounds so simple yet it is so, so SO good! Where can you find it, you ask? Well, you can order it directly from Aardvark, you can order it from Food Fight  or if you are fortunate enough to live in Portland, Oregon, you can find it at Food Fight, New Seasons, Whole Foods and even some carts like DC Vegetarian have it available for sale. If you've never had it, I promise you will go "Hot Damn!" upon first taste. It is most definitely a staple in my home, you will never find my fridge devoid of a bottle. If I had to choose 10 things to bring with me on a deserted island, Aardvark would be on that list. Have I mentioned how much I love it? I LOVE it!   

What's YOUR favorite way to enjoy Aardvark


Abby Bean said...

I love Secret Aardvark too and I have been known to carry it to restaurants in my coat pocket! I discovered it when I visited Portland; it was at Potato Champion...and then practically everywhere else! I agree that S.A. makes a great addition to just about everything (Daiya salsa & bean nachos: yum!), but it is most superb squirted on Nathan's french fries.

Janessa said...

I love Secret Aardvark Sauce too. I love YOU more, though. xo

Abby Bean said...

Forgot to mention that I always cut end of my bottle really low so that the chunks of peppers come out more easily!

Andy Dufresne said...

I guess it's been a while sine you've posted, but I wanted to leave a message that I enjoyed your budgeting talk yesterday! See you around GroceOut!

MeShell said...

I'm missing Advark sauces already. (I should have smuggled some back to Canada) It's perfect on anything. Like... a boring tofu scramble? Bam, Advark saves the day.

Anonymous said...

It's the best on the DC Vegetarian vegan steak and cheese.

The Spicy Vegan said...

I agree 100%.

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